Khas Al Lail by Anfar

Khas Al Lail by Anfar

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Anfar Khas Al Lail (The Special Night) purity in fragrance, Anfar has continued the family legacy of offering an exclusive and wide range of high quality western, Arabic, and oriental perfume. Strongly stands in the market as an expert in exploring the splendid array of Oud and Dehn Al Oudh and also launching awesome oriental and french perfumes to suit the taste of all the valued customers.

This is a perfume for a special romantic date. Not a customer passes by who doesn't like this fragrance, a perfectly balanced Arabic fragrance.

Top notes: Rose, Orange

Middle notes: Jasmine, Patchouli, and cedar.

Base note: Oud, Cypriot, Musk

Gender: Men

Size: 100ml