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Pleasing our customers with quality Arabian perfumes is never a compromise at TEOF. Dubai's most popular branded scents found only in the Arabian peninsula, we want to find it and bring it to you so you can smell exclusive and unique. It doesn’t stop there, we also have quality prices along with quality bottles so you can put your mind at ease when shopping with us. We have been dedicated to providing the best service since 2017 and have so much more to offer on this journey which we want you to be part of. We promise! that those committed and faithful will be rewarded in the end as we believe that life isn’t about taking but also giving in order to bring balance. Join us on this scented journey and subscribe to our newsletters so we can update you in the future, along with discount’s and free giveaways! 

P.s. May we also add…

We guarantee all of our products are 100% genuine. We have made it our mission to provide you with an outstanding selection of brand name beauty products with highly competitive prices.

All products that you can buy from us come only from verified distributors. That allows us to supply original and top-quality products. The fragrances you find in our shop are from the same distributors which supply physical shops that you can visit in person.

We have supplied original products only since the very beginning. Any other practice is strictly against our code of ethics. 

If you have questions or concerns about the authenticity of a product you have received, please contact our customer care for assistance!